Business Development

Our Strategy

Our goal is to build a sustainable biopharmaceutical business through the successful development and commercialization of differentiated products for the treatment of diseases with unmet medical needs in high-value therapeutic areas. Key elements of our strategy are to:

  • Concentrate on development of our prioritized product candidates, MN-221, MN-166 (ibudilast), and MN-001. We may either pursue the development and commercialization of these product candidates ourselves or enter into strategic alliances with larger pharmaceutical companies. We intend to actively pursue strategic collaborations to draw on the development, regulatory and commercialization expertise and financial resources of larger biotechnology and pharmaceutical partners.
  • Maximize the value of the remainder of our diversified pipeline of existing product candidates. We will strategically conduct development activities on the remainder of our existing product candidates, to the extent that we deem any further activities necessary, to maximize their value while pursuing a variety of initiatives to monetize these product candidates.
  • Opportunistically in-license additional product candidates through our global industry relationships. Over the long term, we intend to expand our pipeline of in-licensed product candidates by continuing to cultivate and strengthen our business relationships with pharmaceutical companies in Japan and other markets. We believe that additional diversification and expansion of our pipeline of product candidates will help maximize our commercial opportunities and mitigate the risks inherent in drug development.
  • Selectively add commercial capabilities as our product development programs mature. To ensure our ability to build a sustainable business, we plan to selectively add commercial capabilities to our management team to support our evolution into a commercial entity as our product development programs mature. We may develop our own marketing and sales organization to promote or co-promote certain of our product candidates.